You are looking for a commitment, they are content to float along.


  • Determine what you truly want out of life outside of the relationship.
  • Decide how big of an impact the relationship has on your future plans.
  • Respect yourself enough to pursue your ultimate goal in life without allowing it to be defined by the status of your relationship.
  • Determine what your goal is within the relationship.
  • Decide how the current relationship fits into that goal.
  • Discuss with your partner what you want, what you expect and what your end goals are. Be open and honest about it to avoid any hurt feelings or false expectations.
  • Respect yourself and your partner enough to move on if the relationship shows no signs of improvement.


Living together decreases your chances of commitment because many become so used to ‘playing house’ they see no reason to add the paperwork of marriage.

Putting too much emotional investment into a relationship drains you and irritates them. If they really care they will commit, otherwise you are a temporary convenience to them which they will rid themselves of at their whim.

Find out in advance if the person you are with has the same values as you as far as commitment goes. Do not allow yourself to get too deeply invested in something that will go nowhere.


Many persons are totally comfortable living with a girl for many years with no future plans or feelings of commitment towards her. Do not count living together, sharing bills or sleeping together as signs he is committed.

You may end up wasting your prime dating years on someone who is lazy and unmotivated.

You may be tossed aside after sharing everything from rent to bills to possessions, so always have separate funds and enough money to set yourself up somewhere else if things don’t work out.

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