A man’s sexual organ is in his eyes, not in his pants. Simply put, men are visual creatures and that is how they operate. Men rely a lot on what they see. Picture this, you are with a man that has greatly attracted you and you want him to also feel attracted to you. What do you do? The following are some tips on how to attract men.

1. Communicate using your eyes

When it comes to body language communication, your eyes are powerful. Eye contact helps to release feel good or love hormones associated with lust or love, and also increases your heartbeat. Look at his eyes for a few seconds and look amused. Look down then flutter your eye lashes. This will give him the impression that you are innocent but interested. Glance down his shoulder as you do this. When your eyes come into contact with his, slightly move your shoulders forward and let them drop. Ensure that you only move your shoulder and not the entire arm. Try to look at your shoulder as this makes your curves noticeable hence inviting more attention.

2. Get closer

Once the guy starts to show interest, make him want you more by getting closer to him. Move towards him and gently touch his hand. This seduction technique will openly let him know that you want him. Gently squeeze his shoulder or hand as you talk. The squeeze should be soft. Make some quick touches then withdraw your hand repeatedly. Since you are now closer to him, lean on him and whisper softly in his ears. If he moves closer, it means that he has interest in you. However, if he moves back when you try to lean on him, it means he is not interested in you. If he tenses or flinches when you move closer to him, it probably means he is nervous being around you.

3. Rub your tongue against the skin that covers your lower front teeth

Slightly open your mouth, do not overdo it because you will look like a fish that is gasping for air. This will make him have an impression that you are flattered and also relays the information that you are an excellent kisser, a quality that most men want in a lady. Most men will smile when they see you doing this because this move looks suggestive to them.

4. Involve your hair

Run your fingers slowly through your hair and stop at your neck’s nape. Once your fingers have reached your neck, either move your necklace back and forth or trail your fingers across your collarbone. Caressing your body in this manner will make him want to see more. This usually works with most guys as it gives them the confidence required to approach you.

These tips on how to attract men will only work if you have confidence in yourself. Always remember to be yourself at all times. Do not act dumb or silly to please him because this might confuse him.

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